Tuesday thru Thursdays from 11 am. to 7 pm. or SOLD OUT

Fridays and Saturdays opem till 10 pm or SOLD OUT

Sundays from 11am. till 5pm. or SOLD OUT


Welcome to Shugabees, Texas BBQ served on Homemade Flour Tortillas.

All meat Tacos are aproximately 1/2lb. and 1/4lb. portions; or Meats can be purchased by the pound

Shugabees Catering Video

Where Shugabees Tortillas come from!

The Menu

The Good stuff
9.75----1/2 lb.
Smoked Pork with Mustard Chipotle(Twang

Smoked Chicken Salad

(Smoked Chicken Breast, Green Apples, Black Olives,Pecans)

Chopped Beef (When Available)


Please Specify on the Brisket what cut of meat you would like



The Side Stuff

Jalapeno Potato Salad
Mustard Potato Salad


Beechocolate Shugapuddin
Beenana Shugapuddin

The Sauces

Texas BBQ
Shugabees Orange Habanero Honey

Shugabees Mustard Twang

(Mustard Chipotle Sauce)

Shugabees Habanero Sting


Cold Drinks

Coca Cola-Dr.Pepper-Diet Coke-Coke Zero-Sprite-Big Red-Bottled Water


Extra Tortillas






Lisa P.
Kyle, Texas

What a delicious find! My husband had the brisket and I had the Smoked Pork w/ Mustard Chipotle. I was a bit leary about the bbq being wrapped up in a tortilla, but WOW, was it good. Let me point out that it could not be pulled off w/ just any tortilla. The guy makes his tortillas from scratch right there (recipe handed down from his mother is what they said). We had the mustard potato salad which was simple and delicious. For dessert we had the banana pudding....YUM! My son doesn't like pudding anything and he even liked it. My only complaint is that I wish they would have put a bit more of the Mustard Chipotle in my wrap. I started to think they forgot to add it, but finally tasted it about halfway through. Boy, were my tastebuds happy :)  My husband got bbq sauce on the side, which I believe is bottled; good, but nothing to get excited about. A good sauce would send it over the top. Do stop by and try it out. I know we'll be back.


Brooke R.
Kyle Texas

PROBABLY THE BEST BAR-B-QUE EVER, its got orignal flavor that you can tell DID NOT come from a jar. It was PERFECT. Kudos~! Its hard to find good brisket now a days, but WOW it had a smoky mesquite flavor that can only come from slow cooking and pit skills! Amazing.




Natasha T.
Kyle Texas

Really good home-made tortillas, and the brisket and pork butt are some of the best I've ever had. Really great smoked chicken salad and banana pudding, too. I recommend a "double trouble" combo of brisket and pork with two sauces.


Kirsten E
Kyle, Texas

This place is locally owned and it's amazing.  We stopped by one day after my husband was golfing.  He was really hungry and the only thing out there was Sonic (bleh).  I suggested that he stop at that little BBQ place and we were NOT disappointed.  Now, it's not a regular BBQ place.  It's BBQ on a homemade tortilla and it's HUGE.  The BBQ sauce was a bit plain and disappointing.  I wish they made some of their own (not use bottled).  Fortunately, the other sauces are the best and are home made.  We all like the chipotle mustard sauce.  It's really a creamy chipotle (not so much of a mustard, but there might be mustard in there).  I love supporting local businesses and have enjoyed grabbing a quick lunch there.  Hope you will, too!


Lane L.
Buda ,Texas

You can't get better BBQ than you get at Shugabee's. The guys from Salt Lick eat here. That ought to tell you something. The banana puddin is like crack cocaine. Off the chain good!!  Pass the word so these people will open a good sit down restaurant in Buda!!

Logan G.
Austin ,Texas

Best BBQ I've ever had!!! It's all served on  homemade tortillas and is absolutely delicious!!! Everything is homemade they have fabulous potatoe salad and chicken salad and you HAVE to try the banana puddin!!! I definatly recommend Shugabees to anyone who is in the mood for some incredible bbq!!!!


Austin W.
San Marcos ,Texas

The BBQ here is incredible. Large amounts of food for an excellent price. I have tried their pork and brisket, honestly it is a very difficult decision when choosing which to order. They are both mouth watering delicious and will definitely satisfy your hunger without breaking your wallet!

I will definitely stop by here again when I am in the area.


Justin W.
Kyle Texas

There bbq tacos slams on the homemade tortillas!!


























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